• All Fillers made from EPDM material.
  • With this system, covered façade, curved façade and structural silicon façade can be made.
  • The exterior of Cephen is the same.
  • It opens out. The wings are made of heat insulated.
  • The width of the glass bridge is 16 mm.
  • The structural silicone façade system is easy to clean as it does not protrude from the windows.Structural Silicone Facade system does not have an aluminum profile when viewed from the outside, and the glass joints appear to be 15 mm. Since the sealing between the glass panes is provided by double EPDM roving, the sealing silicone is not drawn between the panes.Any glazing panel that is selected at will can be made a hidden wing (without explicitly knowing which one is opened from the outside). The glasses are applied by bonding to the system (bonded to the aluminum panels).

    These aluminum panels can be transformed into hidden blades that are not noticeable when viewed from the outside when desired.

    Furthermore, according to the structure of the building, the geographical region where the building is located, and the climatic conditions, it is possible to gain heat insulation properties in the system by changing the profile types used in these panels (using heat barrier and multi-chambered profiles).

    It has its own sub-aluminum construction details. It can be used with any kind of thermal insulation board (EPS, XPS, Rock wool, Glass wool).