As one of the most important and special inventions of doors and windows systems in recent years, Pvc has become the only unquestionable chopping option with its numerous advantages and aesthetics that it provides to the applied environments. Thanks to its physical properties, it provides a dense heat and sound insulation while it is easy to clean, it does not require maintenance and it has high strength and strength and it is a preference of the customers. PVC Door and Window Types is one step ahead of other materials with its widely used and environmentally friendly properties .


PVC-based joinery systems, which are used in doors, windows, balconies and many other areas, have a much easier application and economical price range compared to wood and aluminum, and combine the aesthetics and insulation power of aluminum and the aluminum with a durability. it does not add extra burden to the massive and carrier systems, nor does it add to your budget because it does not need any additional maintenance such as paint, lacquer.


Unlike what is rapidly disappearing and known to be a major shareholder in the protection of the forests that are among the most important disciples of the future, Pvc based applications, which have far fewer risks and risks than many elements in our lives, provide advantages with its repeatable recycling structure. In spite of all this, these products, which are preferred due to their low budget, constitute the most practical and easy way of securing both our budget and our future.