Bummerang Engineering Industrial Doors are used to cover areas requiring high performance, such as factories, warehouses, bonded warehouses, large volume installations, military installations, and so on.

Bummerang Engineering can provide fast and timely service with the accumulation of years, the technical staff and the machinery park and equipment it has in its place. As a manufacturer company, Bummerang Engineering can provide advantageous and different solutions to its customers and produce solutions according to all kinds of customers coming from customers.

Bummerang Engineering identifies the needs of the customers with a different approach in all projects and offers the most suitable, technically correct and long lasting solution for the user according to these needs. Thanks to this flexible system, Bummerang Engineering Industrial sectional doors offer the following differences in the product range.

Features of Industrial Doors

  • Panels with thickness of 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 mm according to door openings, ambient conditions and customer specifications
  • Spring and non-spring door systems
  • Extensive range of engine options
  • 2 “and 3” rail systems
  • Different solution alternatives according to the architectural structure of the building
  • Very different electronic accessory options

In conclusion

Industrial doors are in fact very important elements of a plant. There are great contributions to business productivity. For many facilities that do not make the right choice, the doors can become “headaches”. Companies that prefer Bummerang Engineering doors will increase their yields in short and long walks and will live in distress about both their quality and after-sales service.