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Industrial Gates

Bummerang Engineering Industrial Doors are used to cover areas requiring high performance, such as factories, warehouses, bonded warehouses, large volume installations, military installations, and so on. Bummerang Engineering can provide fast and timely service with the accumulation of years, the technical staff and the machinery park and equipment it [...]

Apartment Interior Doors

The interior doors of the apartment are produced by our own manufacturing without sacrificing quality understanding with different models and accessories options according to your desired dimensions. In our flat interior doors, sound and heat insulation as well as complex furniture coatings are applied to the wing, case and moldings. [...]

Steel Doors

Why Castle Steel Door? • Equivalent to safety, quality and warranty concepts • Become a creative brand of the sector • Being "Leader And Leading Door Producer" With Production And Sales Volume • Tested in TSE laboratories and being the only door manufacturer [...]

Fire Doors

Along with the growing population, housing demand has increased and this has led to an increase in the number of high-rise buildings. The increase in high buildings compared to the old has led to some measures taken. At the very beginning of these, there are undoubtedly security measures to be taken for these high [...]


Security is an important issue in human life. Factors other than human power are sometimes necessary to ensure your safety. At this point, barrier systems are entering our lives by utilizing technology. Barriers are at the forefront of security systems used in many areas. Barrier systems must be found in many places, from regions [...]

Aluminum Joinery

Aluminum Joinery systems provide unlimited freedom to architects and appliers in interior and exterior applications.It is a preferred coating material all over the world due to its lightness, high stability, flexibility, smooth surfaces and supportive features of other construction elements.At the same time, the use of aluminum façade also significantly reduces the façade of your [...]

PVC Joinery

As one of the most important and special inventions of doors and windows systems in recent years, Pvc has become the only unquestionable chopping option with its numerous advantages and aesthetics that it provides to the applied environments. Thanks to its physical properties, it provides [...]

Silicone Front

All Fillers made from EPDM material. With this system, covered façade, curved façade and structural silicon façade can be made. The exterior of Cephen is the same. It opens out. The wings are made of heat insulated. The width of the glass bridge is 16 mm. The structural [...]

Composite Facade

Composite panel façade cladding is the coating of the exterior wall of buildings using aluminum sheets. Aluminum is an easy material to apply the production as it is easy to shape. It is possible to mount it vertically or horizontally with a composite panel which is much [...]