Composite panel façade cladding is the coating of the exterior wall of buildings using aluminum sheets. Aluminum is an easy material to apply the production as it is easy to shape. It is possible to mount it vertically or horizontally with a composite panel which is much lighter than other facade materials.

The composite panel is made of polyethylene sheets placed between two aluminum sheets. These panels, which are frequently preferred in today’s facade coatings, are advantageous because they are both easy to install and economical. The composite panels, which are lightweight yet highly durable, are easy to maintain and clean. It is also possible to produce panels with special colors and special sizes which can be made with many colors.

Aluminum composite panel interior and exterior coating protected by a protective tape covering the both surfaces (0,5 mm) of the aluminum surface with a plastic or high mineral filler (3 mm) core material providing aesthetic appearance and abundant color options in interior and exterior architectures It is material.
The composite material provides water insulation and prevents heat loss in the buildings.
The attention to be paid to the Composite Panel (the thickness of the Levan, the thickness of the aluminum part and the paint quality should be PVDF or POLYESTER).